Rose' the Night Away

40 or better?
Time for annual mammogram screenings!


Mobile Mammography

To overcome distance and financial barriers to healthcare, BCDC's Mobile Mammography program delivers the highest quality breast cancer screening services throughout the state of Alaska regardless of ability to pay.

Preventative Screening

Early detection increases survivability by bringing a quicker response to cancer. A part of being ahead of the game is to have annual checkups, monthly self-exams and paying attention to one’s body.

We accept all Insurance

Every insured patient helps us provide services for those who may not have the ability to pay.

Diagnostic Mammogram

This form of mammogram is used to evaluate a patient with abnormal clinical findings or abnormal screening mammogram.


BCDC believes that the key to fighting breast cancer is understanding and knowledge. Our teams not only provide services but educate the community on early prevention.

Our Donors

About BCDC Of Alaska

The Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska offers state of the art 3D Tomosynthesis technology to harness superior quality images read by certified mammography technologists in a warm, comfortable, and calming environment. Providing greater accuracy, earlier detection, and fewer callbacks.


Once a community is aware of the causes, risks and impacts of breast cancer, it becomes easier to educate them on different ways to limit risk and change behavior. The American College of Radiology. Society of Breast Imaging and BCDC all recommend that women age forty and above should have a mammogram every year and continue to as long as they are in good health.